Wednesday, July 24

First Sewing Project

There are always lots of firsts when you arrive in a new home.  First visits to all the places around you (oh, there are so many here - children's museum, art museum, science museum, amazing parks, botanic gardens...)  First scratches on the newly finished floor (doh!)  First lost tooth in the new house.  First meal around a table.  First full night of sleep.  First leak in the roof (double doh!).  First holiday.
You get the picture.

Many of the firsts are long past, but there are still some sneaking up as we get organized.  Last week, I finally got put my sewing machine on its very own little desk (thrift shop find that I'm wanting to paint) and here is the first project off the machine.  A wee bag to be filled with like-new thrifted books.  It is made from a fabric that I found in one of the many tubs of fabric that were in storage the past five years.  I have no memory of where the fabric came from, but it makes me smile!  

Oh, and it was a gift to take to the first birthday party we were invited to, which generated more excitement than any other first I do believe! 

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Laura Wingard-Plank said...

That fabric is wonderful!!!!!! (and that sweet dumptruck book is a favorite at our house)