Saturday, May 25

Tending and Mending

The past few weeks have been a very different pace around here.  With school mostly wrapped up and all the extras of moving and home buying details, things have shifted.  But also, much of the past few weeks have been about tending.  A nasty bug has made itself known.  And, three and a half weeks later, after lots of doctor visits, an ER visit (for me), a host of pills, inhalers, homeopathic syrups and vaporizor sessions, we are finally on the mend.  

 Our things are packed and headed north.  We are looking forward to a week 'off' before we following our boxes.  So, to celebrate our coming wellness and the boxes being sent off to Richmond, we went to Great-Grammie's pool; something we've been hoping to do for the past few weeks.  Two fish were in  and off to the deep end.  But, the littlest fish is more of a sea bird than a fish, a bit unsure about getting his feet (let alone his wings) wet.  But the sun was hot and the water was refreshing and we all enjoyed a little summer fun (even if it was just dipping a big toe while clinging to Mama.)

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Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Hope you are soon all better! Yikes, an ER visit doesn't sound fun--are you sure you are OK? And oh that warm weather and swimming look delicious! It's so cold here that we've had to cover our plants for 3 nights to keep from freezing but hopefully warmer weather is around the corner. So excited for you with the move and new house! Have fun enjoying the final days of your Texas life before you become a VA girl! I'm sure Jim's family will miss you so much! Love you and best wishes on wellness and a happy move! Love you, Laura PS That watermelon picture with Jonah is awesome!