Monday, April 15

Happy Easter!

Welcome, belatedly, to the season of Easter in this space... though the header might be a day or two in the making.

We don't have may plans for the Easter season this year as we are working toward the move (lots of waiting right now and hopefully browsing homes online.)  But, we are hoping to take extra time to have some fun and see some Houston sights before we take off for the north.

Thanks for all your comments and messages rejoicing with us on the job and move to Virginia.  I'm so grateful for all of you who journey with us in this space!

Book Note: The book A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa has been the number one favorite book of all three of our boys at this age.  Isaac wakes up in the morning saying 'Bumpa' asking to read it and then asking again and again and again...

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