Thursday, December 6

Advent and the Light in the Lantern

Advent has begun and it is the third year we are reading through The Light in the Lantern.  It is a waldorf inspired book with an imagined story for each day of advent about Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.  I love it so much.  I particularly love that it shows all of creation waiting for the saviour to come and usher in the kingdom of God.  The first week is based on the mineral kingdom, so we've been collecting river pebbles, cracking geods and singing about ice.  There will be more rock searching this week and, as we are studying geology this month, we're planning a trip to the Natural History Museum at the end of the week.  

I don't have our Jesse tree ornaments as they are in storage, so we're just doing the Light in the Lantern this year.  If you are interested in the book, ordering directly from Wynstone press in the UK is the most cost efficient way to get a copy (it is insanely expensive on Amazon.)


gmyo said...

Did you just happen to have or find blue fabric with gold stars or did you somehow put those on there?

We just got our copy of The Light in the Lantern today and I'm excited to begin and expand this Advent tradition in our home. It is also available here, for a somewhat reasonable price.

Watkins said...

Great tip on where to find the book. Thanks! We bought it while living in the UK, so that is why I know that route to get it.

The blue fabric is a large play silk that was purchased from Myriad Toys (UK). We use that silk (and a rainbow one) for more things than I would have imagined possible, definitely a favorite toy/prop around here.

Megan Cottrell said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation of this book! I've never heard of it before, and I'm excited about it. Could you give me an idea of how difficult the text is? I was thinking of getting it this advent for my son, who is nearly 3.