Wednesday, October 17


We loved our entomology unit this fall.  It was meant to take a month, but it stretched out a bit and I'm just now getting photos from the last couple months organized.  There was an ant farm, an ant picnic experiment, a cricket home, a butterfly garden, and lots of insect observation for nature study (we are enjoying this book).  Watching caterpillars become beautiful butterflies, seeing the efficiency of ants, and attempting to catch dragonflies over the pond were my favorite moments.  I also based Rowan's options around the theme (see previous post here.)

We read A Cricket in Times Square together, it is such a fun book!  Other favorites were Two Bad Ants, One Hundred Hungry Ants, and The Life and Times of the Ant.


Phyllis said...

We love all the books you mentioned. I really looks like you had a lot of fun with insects

Jenny said...

Just catching up here. I LOVE that last picture with that big grin in the background!