Sunday, September 30

30. Right Now...

:: thinking about fun celebrations the past two days to celebrate entering my next decade.
:: feeling the significance of this birthday, not because of the number, but because of all the next year will hold - new home, new job, no school... not that I know what this will look like.

:: longing for our own rhythm and space.  Wanting to nest and make us a home.
:: watching the joy with which my oldest lad plays soccer.  It makes a soccer loving mama glad!
:: seeing the daily growth of my littlest man and savoring these sweet, sweet days.
:: enjoying the remnants of my traditional harvest cake, made by my sister (thanks!)
:: reading some new young-adult literature and feeling grateful for stories and worlds that pull us beyond ourselves. (On my birthday I finished Inside Out and Back Again - so good!)
:: enjoying the two puppies left on the farm.
:: finding new friends on the farm (oh goodness!)

:: remembering with fondness a weekend of camping, exploration and another L'abri experience.

:: rejoicing in sweet friendships renewed surrounding a wedding in Nashville last weekend.
:: feeling tired and wishing a baby, who is currently getting five new teeth (yes 5!) was sleeping more soundly.
:: being most fully alive when outside exploring with my boys.
:: putting aside some of my expectations for school this year and excepting the gifts of unplanned learning that surround us.
:: snatching moments at the sewing machine whenever I can (project sharing to come).
:: realizing how much Jim's friendship keeps me grounded in a time of uncomfortable transience.
:: indulging in treats from the Oakmont bakery and some birthday chocolate from my favorite local candy shop.
:: talking construction with my 'constructioner' who wants to be a farmer when he grows up.
:: beginning to plan a three-year-old birthday with a nod to both of his chosen professions.
:: delighting in fun outings with family.
:: feeling grateful for the clarity of purpose this time is allowing us to pursue.
:: praying for continued patience and guidance.

:: loving the farm and the beauty of fall bursting all around us.

:: planning a trip to Wheaton this coming week.
:: dreading another long car trip... that's three trips in three weeks!
:: also feeling glad for another adventure.
:: missing the scottish sea and the alpine mountains.
:: loving the pennsylvania hills.
:: rejoicing in the wonder of acorns, walks in the fairy woods and autumn wildflowers.
:: wondering what adventures this next year will bring!

Yep, this is 30!  It is good.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Shelley said...

Happy birthday, Emily! Thanks for sharing your musings on entering this new decade. May it be sweet!

Laura said...

One can't read this list without loving who you are, loving the life you've created, loving the strong, healthy relationships you have built with Jim and your boys, loving the opportunity to celebrate and spend time with you, and loving your dreams for settling down into a new life. I know your future holds wonderful, amazing blessings!

alison said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! When are you going to Wheaton? I will be there Veterans Day weekend. I know what you mean about the time of transience, as I am in one myself. I have a job, thankfully, but I am also staying with my parents and long for a home of my own. I will keep your family in prayer!

We Are Not Typical - WANT said...

thank you for the inspiration :)