Tuesday, August 28

Puppy Friends!

I've always worked to make sure that a handful of animals are part of our community.  Jim and I both love dogs and I think that having animal friends breeds a unique kind of compassion.  We've worked hard to have the boys be comfortable with dogs, because one day we hope to add a four legged friend to our family.  Obviously this will be some time in the future, so for now, we just enjoy other family dogs.  

When my dad emailed us a few weeks before we left Switzerland to say there would be eight three-week-old puppies when we arrived on the farm, all of us were very excited.  Now that we are here they have become a part of every day, sometimes coming in for playtime or a bedtime cuddle.  Jonah helps feed the puppies every afternoon now that they are eating solids and he also helps with weighing them each week.

Oh, the puppy love is something wonderful to behold! 

If you want to see more puppy pictures or read more about them I've just started (meaning it isn't up-to-date yet) a blog to record weights and let potential families for these little ones see their early life and learn a bit about them you can find it here.

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Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Love the photo of Rowan with the puppy in the back of his trike! Let me know if you need more puppy pictures since I've taken some with the girls, too (not that you probably have a lack of photo opportunities!). Let me know when you have the blog totally "updated" (although it looks awesome now) and I'll link it to my facebook :) Yay for puppies!