Thursday, August 23

Fun at my Fair

I was so excited when I realized that we were going to be home for the fair this year.  It was the perfect place for my tractor loving boy, as the pictures will attest.  I do believe he sat on almost all the vehicles out for display.  We even saw mama's picture in the fair museum (I was the Dayton Fair Queen once upon a time :o)  And the rows of canned goods and lines of quilts were inspiring to this homemade loving mama!  I do believe there are some mama-made quilts in my small boys future.


suewatkins said...

Those pictures of Rowan and your Dad are hilarious ! They look like two serious farmers checking out the equipment. Love it!

Laura Wingard-Plank said...

Love the fair! And the picture of you holding Isaac is so beautiful--what a lovely portrait of a happy, loving Mom!