Thursday, June 7

While Daddy is Away

I always like to have some fun goals or projects for when Daddy is away.  So, I let the boys turn this little space off our dinning room into Dino World for the week.  The playsilks are desserts, plains and lakes.  A volcano is on the couch and there are some fun caves under the chairs.  There are now people and a city in Dino World.  There is talk of having a play to put on for Daddy when he arrives home and perhaps composing a Dino World poem.  It is fun to see the space evolve!

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Elisa said...

Oh, how my hubby would have loved Dino World! Oh, wait he still would! Don't think little boys ever outgrow their love of all things Dino. Looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure they will have a blast showing Daddy all the features of this special land upon his return.