Friday, June 15


Well, I've been absent from this space because life has lots of unexpected turns.  After some celebration when Daddy returned home, we were beginning to fall into our rhythm here when Daddy fell while playing with the kids and broke his ankle.

It has been a long couple days, filled with trips to and from the hospital, leaving my baby for the first time with someone other than family in a rush out the door, lots of phone calls with the insurance company...  But, in between the anxiety, the helpless feeling of not being able to fix it or make the process move faster, and the torn nature of wanting to be with Jim, but being needed by our wee boys, I've been amazed at the moments of gratitude that sweep over me.  I guess it is this sort of twist that gives a little more perspective.  Even our looming decisions on what to do with our life don't seem all that important right now.  We are all okay.

I'm feeling grateful that we have good travel insurance, that soon Jim will be back to the UK where national heath care makes sure everyone gets proper care (I'm a big fan of socialized medicine!), that I have help and support here in this community, that in a couple months this should be a memory with no lasting effects on Jim's health or our lives, and that we are living in a beautiful place right now with good medical facilities and professionals.  Beyond that, I'm grateful for the three small boys that give me hugs through the day and seem to be aware, but not overly concerned by all this.  I'm grateful for a rhythm that gets us through the day without Daddy.  And, I'm really grateful for a Daddy who is so involved in our life that I do feel the weight of more work when he is gone.  Yes indeed, there is a lot to be grateful for, even in the midst of this unexpected twist.


EricaG said...

Oh, wow, Emily! I'm sorry to hear about Jim's accident. It sounds like you are handling it well. Take care, Watkins Family.

Laura said...

Our prayers are with you and Jim and the boys! Hope all goes well and that the birthday festivities are fun--especially sure to be fun as they are lovingly spread out from now until Daddy returns home! We love you!