Saturday, May 5

Uprooted. Replanted.

We left St. Andrews early one morning and flew to Geneva where we met my parents.  We then trained across switzerland to Lauterbrunnen where we spent a week on holiday (photos to come).   While we were there windstorms swept through the valley, leaving destruction in their wake.  Hay sheds collapsed, branches were strewn and a number of large trees were uprooted.  As I took a run around the valley the day after the storms I found myself staring at a large tree, roots up-stretched.  The week had been full of reflection on the place we just left and how we have grown in the past four years.  These last four years have been a rich time, a time when our vision of what living in the kingdom of God means has become a little bit clearer, and with that vision very practical ideas on how we long to live and minister have become a little clearer too.  But now, we are uprooted.  The week in Lauterbrunnen was lovely, but I also felt the pang of homelessness.  With uprooting there is a loss, for I do believe that it is community and place that reflect ourselves and help us to know who we are and what we are to do.
Then, early this week we traveled back toward Geneva and arrived at L'abri.  We spent the last couple days settling into our new home.  I was delighted to find an overrun terraced garden, and with my parent's help, we managed to get it ready for planting.  Oh, I've been longing for a proper garden the past few years, and peas, beans, parsley, chives, and greens are already safely planted (that is, safe if I can keep a certain two-year-old construction worker in his own corner of the garden).  More seed packets line my kitchen windowsill, a lovely row of possibilities. 

 As I've dug in the earth the last few days I've been joyful, feeling myself becoming attached to this place and this community in some small way.  There is a lot of growing to do, and I don't suppose the plants will be very large by the time we head off on our next (unknown) adventure, but it is good to be home in this place, putting down some little roots once more.  


alison said...

My sister, Courtney, lived at L'Abri for over a year in 2004-05! A couple of my friends from high school were there, too. You will love it! Have you read the history by Edith Schaeffer?

Watkins said...

Yes, I read the L'abri story by Edith Schaeffer last time we were here and am skimming it again. We are living in the original chalet, so it has been fun to read the story as we begin to settle into the house.

Laura said...

What fun to plant! Liliana and I planted last week, too: carrots, zucchini, squash, peppers, and all those veggies that we love so much to eat! I was making zucchini/apple/turnip stew and squash/ginger lentils today for the Strappello clan that came to lunch at my home and I was wishing for that homegrown produce already! And here's hoping that you'll lay some roots in your hometown someday!!!! I feel at home more than I can ever have imagined. It was so great to see visiting cousins such as Kevin this past weekend and I'm so loving my Tuesday suppers with Rachel after she spends an hour exposing my babes to Spanish. How blessed we are with amazing cousins--I hope our children will feel the same way. I feel overwhelmed with how wonderfully "home" I feel now and I wish that for you, too, no matter where you end up. And family is oh so important so I hope you end up near some branch of the tree!

Leslie said...

Wow! So much is happening in your beautiful little family! I've walked away from my Google Reader for a bit - not intentionally but just so busy - and you've made your big changes!!! How exciting! The baby is so beautiful and it is wonderful to see how you are living the Godlife in the midst of transition. I'll be praying as your roots begin to grow! Peace, friend!