Friday, May 11

Right Now I'm...

...struggling to find myself in this place.  There is always a time of transition and being unknown with a move that is stretching.
...watching Rowan dig and dump with his new trucks outside.  He loves to wear his 'construction jacket' (rain coat) and 'construction boots' (wellies) and work with dirt!
...drinking lots of tea and coffee from my St. Andrews Pottery mug - a traditional parting gift from my Biblestudy.  And it is the color of the sea... I miss the sea.
...loving the view of the mountains and am falling in love with swiss balconies!  We have seven doors that lead onto balconies - yes, almost every room.  It makes me feel so much closer to outside even when we are inside!
...marveling at the beautiful alpine flowers and am constantly bringing little bunches in to decorate our home.
...making a little prayer room and am enjoying engaging the boys in L'Abri's day of prayer on Mondays.

...smiling every time I take a run and see the six brown spotted cows looking down from the pasture above, while I listen to cowbells ringing.
...finding it difficult to settle down to any one book or project in my study time.  Restlessness.
...grateful that a rhythm is beginning to emerge and sleep patterns seem to be getting a bit better.
...thinking "I'm so glad the move is over!!!!" many times every day.  
...really enjoying lots more time playing with the boys because said move is done!
...watching Isaac LOVE his new highchair.  I've never seen a baby so happy as he is to join us at the table!  (No food yet... but he is certainly wanting it.)


The Egan Family said...

What a treat to live in a house with so much history! I have the exact same mug for the exact same reason, and I, too, find it quite calming when I am restless and miss my quiet life by the sea. Aah.

Katie Coons said...

Wow! How lovely! Looks a bit like Vancouver mountains that we overlook here too! (but we don't have balconies like that!) Enjoy your time-- what an awesome opportunity!

Laura said...

Yay for balconies and tea! Right now I'm sipping jasmine green tea--although not from such a special mug as your friends so sweetly gave you (although the tea was sweetly given by cousin Jesa)! and we finally made use of our "balcony" (really a second floor porch) yesterday since I grilled chicken and made homemade Thai pizza (covered in alfalfa sprouts and carrots and the grilled chicken) and ate out on the porch. In a land with all those balconies, have they figured out a way to leave furniture out without the fear that children will push the chairs over to the railing and climb over and fall? I'm struggling with figuring out a solution for that and thought maybe you had come across some ideas. For right now, I have the table and chairs away from the railing and don't let the girls out there without supervision but Liliana has already figured out how to open other doors so I know it's only a matter of time until she figures out the dutch door at the rear of our house.

Watkins said...

We don't have much furniture on the balconies, but I don't let Rowan out without supervision and Jonah knows not to climb out there. So, I'm no help there. The pizza sounds yummy. We have a flagstone terrace here with a table and chairs, so I need to try doing some outdoor meals once the weather is back to normal. Thai pizza is a good idea, maybe I'll try it. Must go sooth a crying babe.