Thursday, March 8

Out and About

The weather has turned and we're trying to soak up every moment outside that we can.  And, a new double buggy (still a mountain buggy - we loved our old one so!) has made it more manageable (and just in time as our car died last month - it was 20 years old after all.)

One of the things we've loved in Saint Andrews is the monthly farmers market.  We buy all our meat there for the month (we only have meat a few times a month),  love the organic produce and greek olives, and the boys enjoy the bear families a baker sells.

We're going to miss this place!

1 comment:

Poppy said...

it looks like the newest addition to the Watkins family is happy to have a place to nap and relax with the new buggy.. Thst is much better than that car that used to carry all. Looking forward to hearing about your last few minths in St. Andrews, your excursion to La Brie and then back to the US ..

Love to all, Poppy