Wednesday, February 15

Our Daily Bread

I grew up eating lots of yummy homemade bread and have worked in the past years to make as much of our bread as possible.  I really like simple whole foods and don't like the boys (all of us really) eating food with preservatives and other ingredients I can't pronounce.  But, the reality has been that while I've made some of our bread I just couldn't keep up with our toast and sandwich habits.

So recently when a friend told be about this book I knew that I had to get a copy.  Luckily the library had it, and five minute bread has been filling our kitchen of late.  The loaf above is the basic recipe, and I've been experimenting with more whole grain goodness the past couple weeks.  We are loving it!  

A whole wheat raisin loaf with a little glaze made a fun dessert!
 It has been a nice right now to be accomplishing something amidst our business.  Life right now is a bit stressful; we are looking for renters for our house, Jim is finishing the thesis, we found ourselves in Glasgow Monday to complete our visa renewal, we have a new baby, an international move is looming and we have no job prospects and thus, no idea what we will be doing after July this year.  In my better moments I find myself full of peace, knowing that God has something planned for us.   But in most moments, I find myself scrambling to put together some plan; I find myself thinking and rethinking our options and scheming ways to provide a home for our little family come autumn.  

The boys know we are moving back to the states (after a few months in Switzerland this summer), but (thankfully) they are oblivious to the economy and lack of job openings at the moment.  Yet, last night I listened to Rowan and Jonah say the Lord's prayer before bed and it struck me that our boys are asking God, their father, for their daily bread each night.  And somehow, it gives me peace that that we can and are asking for something so basic, because we're going to keep on asking and I'm grateful we are heard.  


Laura said...

I find it fascinating that in life, I generally feel that we are forever planning, and thinking ahead--praying for Godly wisdom so we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our family---yet the decisions in life that cause the greatest change (generally speaking) are out of our control completely. Yes, we need to be wise enough to apply for jobs, apply for college, etc but someone else (and of course the great Someone) actually controls who will hire us, who will accept us, etc. Which makes me realize that we can take an extra step back and be at peace because God is in control of it all. He will lead you and your boys in a wonderful adventure and it will be far greater and far more fulfilling than you ever imagined and feel sure that you will find contentment and peace wherever you end up--this crazy, unsettling time is very temporary. And you can always rest in the peace that you always have family here, waiting and eager to welcome you into our homes any time you want or need to! Just as God provided your bread that you so energetically made, He will provide the perfect spot for you. And I'm so excited to find out where and what that will be! And of course, selfishly hoping it will be much closer to me...I love you! Many prayers for peace and direction are being sent for you!

Leslie said...

Hi Emily,
What a beautiful post! I'm still enjoying and pondering the connections you've made.
Thank you!
By the way - This book sounds great! I've already ordered it from the library! ;)

Watkins said...

Laura, I'm praying it will be nearer to you, to all our family too. Thanks for your words - they give me peace!

Leslie, it is a really fun book. I do believe it is titled "5 Minute Artisan Bread" in the states - but you must have figured that out.

Katie Metka said...

Yep! That's the same book I use, well I have their Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day, but same authors. I love it!! After I had 3 kids, bread baking started getting less and less until I found this easy way to make fresh amazing bread:) I just tried the Challah recipe and used the bread for french toast, so yummy! I also made that dough into beignets for Valentine's tea party. But mostly I stick to the boule (simplist) recipe. I'm so glad you found the book, as a bread-lover, it really changed my life:) heehee!

alison said...

Hi Emily! I have the same bread book but haven't made time to use it yet (I'm notoriously bad at baking so the prospect is kind of frightening). I love seeing what you've been able to do with it! Where will you be in Switzerland?

EricaG said...

Emily, as I've said before, we were in a similar spot last year. Our new baby was due in June 2011, and until May 2011, we had no job prospects for the fall. I completely understand how peace and concern come and go in waves. Deep down, I knew that God would provide, and He certainly has. Keeping you in prayer.

PatsyAnne said...

The bread book sound incredible - is this the one where you don't knead the dough - that will be my first experience with bread making (at 66 years of age) and needed something that didn't mean I had to knead, too hard on my elderly arms (LOL)... Now where are you planning to move when you come over here to the US? Is it near NY? I moved up the Hudson River from NYC (where I lived for over 40 years) and have not regretted it for a minute. Cost of living is MUCH LESS, you can rent a whole house for less than an apartment in NYC and there is normally land for gardens and play. Hope your move is smooth and uneventful - I will follow it on your blog!

Watkins said...

It is kneadless dough, which makes it really simple. We aren't sure where we will be in the states when we come back. And I am hoping that wherever we are we can afford to have a home with a garden and vegetable patch (and maybe some chickens!!!!)