Saturday, February 25


Life if full of...

:: Hope.  We are delving into a lot of resume writing (yes, my resume too - going back to paid employment may be in my future) and we're hoping it will pay off.

:: Dinosaurs.

:: Gratitude.  My dear Jim was 30 last week! (and I have pictures to share... soon!)
A picture taken on Jim's birthday in the Glasgow science museum after getting our fingerprints taken for our visa renewal.  (No, going to a government office for biometrics was not our first choice for the big day, but I guess you have to be responsible when you are thirty and it was the only appointment we could get!)
:: Plans.  Plans for a couple short breaks in the UK these next couple months.  Plans for a move.  Plans for some continental travel before we land in Switzerland for three months.  Plans to get together with friends these next two months.

:: Dinosaurs.

:: Editing.  Jim is editing away.

:: Dinosaurs.

:: Learning.  We're mapping, painting, running, singing, memorizing, listening, sharing stories, and enjoying all there is to learn.
A viking funeral.  

geography lessons (aka: running around on the lade braes and figuring out how a compass works)
::Slowing.  Lent has come and a doozy of a cold slowed us all down the past few days.  Making our Ash Wednesday into Ash Friday... but amidst the fullness of life we are hoping to stay slow and still as much as we can this season preparing ourselves for the great mystery of Easter.


Valerie said...

Oh we are full of the cold here too and its horrible. It did give me the time to knit a little Joseph doll lol. Hope you feel better soon :)

Laura said...

Hope your colds are so much better now! Liliana is sick right now too and it's always such a sad time to see babies so lethargic and feverish, but of course loving all the extra cuddle time of a languid toddler. (but not loving her not feeling good, of course). I hope that healthy weeks are in your future!

Watkins said...

Oh, I hope you all get better. Nasty little colds! We are all better for the moment.