Sunday, February 5


Candlemas is always celebrated on February 2nd, but while we had groundhog cookies on Thursday, we celebrated Candlemas today.  We went to the cathedral in Dundee this morning to see two beautiful baby girls baptized.  Seeing our friends and their precious wee girls was a treasure, and being in the cathedral with incense and a procession of candles on this day, when the church celebrates Candlemas, was a huge bonus.  I was so grateful that I had done the godly play of Jesus being presented at the temple with Rowan last week as that story was woven through the whole service beautifully.  It really is a perfect day for a baptism, a day when we remember the presentation of the Christ child and that his light has come and is given to each of us.
todays responsory...
Eternal God, here we bring to an end our celebration of the Saviors birth.
Help us, in whom he has been born, to live his life that has no end.

Here we have offered the Church's liturgy of praise.
Help us, who have received the bread of life, to be thankful for your gift.

Here we have rejoiced with faithful Simeon and Anna.
Help us, who have found the Lord in his temple, to trust in your eternal promises.

Here we have greeted the Light of the world.
Help us never to forsake the light of Christ.


Storyteller said...

"Here we have rejoiced with faithful Simeon and Anna." Lovely. Thanks for sharing this, and your beautiful photos.

Jo said...

Lovely photos . We had candles too - ones we made from bees wax sheets and a shadow puppet show - great fun!

Watkins said...

I love the idea of making candles for the day, maybe next year! Oh, and shadow puppets are a great idea - did you do the Anna and Simeon story or another one?

jessica louise said...

Is the story of the Presentation in the Temple in one of the Godly Play books? Which? And what is the responsory from? It's lovely.



Watkins said...

The story of the presentation is in "Following Jesus: More about Young Children in Worship". The Responsery was part of the liturgy at the church we attended on Sunday.

Jo said...

We did the story of the presentation at the temple for our puppet show. The kids made the puppets and produced the play themselves for us.It does make a special celebration - one of my favourites.