Wednesday, January 25

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

:: Lighting a candle in the kitchen every afternoon as the sun dims.

:: All your sweet comments in this space!  Thank you, they mean so much in these very busy days. (And, I'm sorry I haven't been responding as I would like to be - but rhythm is finding us... soon I'll be more present here... I hope!)

:: Sleep!  This baby seems (so far) to like sleep.  He was only up once a few nights this week!!!!!! (after Rowan, who is still up at least once most nights, this seems miraculous!)

:: Solo afternoon runs/walks on the Lade Braes a couple days a week.

:: Simple, tasty, heathy meals.

:: Stories of Saints that are new to me and the boys - discovering together is such fun!

:: Baby grins and coos.

:: Being alone.  Heaven knows it isn't happening very often these days!

:: Mild January days and lots of playing outside.

:: Finding the first snowdrop on the Lade Braes.

:: Continued progress on the Thesis.  It feels like a fourth, and very demanding child right now, but we are close... so close!

:: Two new good shepherd figures and sheep - one for home and one for church.

:: Babies in overalls!

(This is an old photo - January 4th)


Jenny said...

Oh we love babes in carharts too! What a sweet little man you have. In answer to your comment on my post, we are highly looking into Sonlight. We read all the time and had thought it may be a good fit for us when we were looking into pre school curriculum for Logan, years ago. We were ready to check out and just couldn't justify the price. HUNDREDS of dollars. Honestly, before I started to homeschool, I really thought Sonlight, or a similar program was the way we'd go. Just recently, an older friend who did Sonlight with her 4 boys from K thru high school told me that when her boys were young, she worked at our library. She had a lot of say in what the childrens' area had, so, she requested the library to carry the books on the Sonlight reading lists each year. And they did. So, if I'm willing to put in the work to schedule library check outs and returns, I would just have to buy the instructors guide and their science program. And I could do one "core" with both Lissy and Logan. All the books are very common and if my library doesn't have them, I can request them from another library. And our libraries here have an educators sticker which allows you free holds/requests and longer check out times. So, this just may be doable. Oh, and its a Christian based program. I know we both have waldorfish tendencies, and Sonlight is more mainstream, but I know I'd still incorporate those tendencies as it just comes naturally. So anyways, theres a L.O.N.G explanation as to my current thought process. I may just make the switch now and start Lissy in K now instead of waiting for Sept, when she'll be 5.

Storyteller said...

Very sweet sheep! Is it a German set? Somehow the shepherd looks Alpine to me... I've pinned it on Pinterest :)

Watkins said...

It is by a British toymaker the link is

I love his stuff. We have a whole farm set that we've collected over our time here. I just wish we were around longer to branch out into his wildlife/safari animals - they are all beautifully done and, for handmade wood, they are well priced!

Laura said...

Love the list. Love to see more!And love the photo--how did you make the oval image? Very chic.

Watkins said...

The oval image is just from iphoto. I normally don't mess with photos too much, but sometimes the effects can be fun!