Wednesday, December 21

extra ordinary

Just as I was finishing my little photo shoot with baby under the Christmas tree Jonah came in the room, and did what he always does when he sees Isaac awake and accessible.  He is totally in love with his little brother and I'm reminded of it daily when I catch glimpses like these or I hear him extoll the babies virtues once again.  Oh, we are busy, the laundry is amazingly piled up, the dishes are often unwashed, I've been wearing unmatched socks and I feel so tired, but this is what I want to remember from this time.  We are all falling in love with this new one in our life.  I want to hold this awe and learn from it.  This is the kind of love and awe I want to carry into our twelve days of Christmas every year - all of us slowing down and falling in love with the newness that salvation has come!


suewatkins said...

What a dear boy that Jonah is.

Jenny said...

Oh Mama, this is JUST how I felt after I had our third. I felt fine adding another baby to the mix, loved every minute, everyone adjusted great. But oh, the work! Three was so busy for me. So much work. So much laundry. I felt as soon as Kian came, I hit the floor running and haven't stopped very often. However, my endurance sure has improved. :) So enjoy these days. You'll soon be a pro at all this busy-ness. And its a wonderful busy-ness!

Laura said...

Big sibling love is so adorable! And your tree is beautiful! The popcorn looks so elegant and the Jesse tree looks lovely in the background.