Thursday, November 10

For a little bit of readiness...

I'm feeling grateful that baby is taking his time, giving us the space to finish up what we need to be ready.  And I think, as of today, with Jim's rough draft handed in, a clean and fairly tidy master bedroom, and a few sewing projects completed, we can be ready now. 

 Oh, there is still laundry to be caught up on, and a half finished quilt for my rocker, a baby wrap that is cut and not sewed, the study still needs rearranged to fit in grandparents who are coming along to help,  the boys seem particularly bent on making forts and using their toys creatively the last few days (in other words - they are making huge messes!) and as baby has descended, Mama isn't able to scrub the floors and pick up as I usually would... so 'ready' is relative, but lets be realistic, we aren't ever going to be ready if that means having everything tidy and in place... life just doesn't work like that around here.  

But, we are ready enough.

And here are a couple projects that have rolled out of the study this week.  

The new diaper bag: I used one that was free from the local chemist (drugstore) with Rowan and really wanted something else this time around.  Simple, functional, and from the fabric I used in the stroller redo; it is just right to pop onto the stroller and head to town..
 And in our room there is a desk that functions as a changing table. We haven't had a changing table since we moved here and it is really nice to have everything collected.  But, with Rowan we were using an uncovered changing pad, so it needed a soft flannel cover and then a couple mats (so we hopefully can just wash that and not the whole cover when necessary).  

You can also see my new nursing shawl folded behind the mat.  My old one was looking tattered and I wanted a fresh fabric - something with birds.  I don't use a shawl all that often, but do find it handy in certain situations especially when we've needed to introduce the SNS to supplement with our first two boys.


EricaG said...

Love the diaper bag! We use an SNS, too. I consider it a huge blessing in my mothering. Can't wait to see the happy announcement of your new little one.

Jenny said...

Beautiful sewing. I'm glad you are feeling ready enough. :) I can't wait to see the baby announcement post and see his little name. Best of luck with labor and delivery!

The Egan Family said...

We were definitely part of the Boots diaper bag club! Love your new one! I'm excited to meet your new little man...all the best with your delivery and welcoming him home. I'll be praying for you!

Laura said...

So exciting! The changing table looks comfy and the diaper bag is gorgeous. Now we just need our little nephew to appear--I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!