Thursday, October 27

Right Now

Right now I'm...

: trying to get ready for a new babe
:pondering advent - both because of my Isaiah Bible study, our own families impending babe, and the practicalities of having some meaningful advent time with that new babe in my arms
:wishing our house wasn't so damp (washing the 0-3 month clothing turned into washing all the baby clothing as it all smelled of mildew - and this is quite a task without a dryer)
:feeling grateful for a new dehumidifier and some (new to us) heaters to try to dry out this wonderful old home
:watching my two boys becoming true companions for each other - it is precious
:having some halloween fun (more on this to come)
:trying to give Daddy as much time as I can while he works on finishing his thesis amidst it all
:experiencing mild chaos in our home as I try to juggle all the above
:feeling grateful that life is full of little boy energy, great books, real work, good thoughts, and a whole lot of Grace!

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The Egan Family said...

You sure have a lot to juggle right now! Give yourself grace. Oh, and the damp!! So frustrating. I have said that we should have bought a dehumidifier our first week there. By the end it didn't seem worth the cost, but it sure would have been handy!