Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

There are lots of different ideas about Halloween out there.  I think there are valid questions to be asked and I hear my friends concerns about celebrating death and the rights that go on October 31st, but in the end I just come back to thinking of Halloween as fun.  I remember dressing as Laura Ingalls, a fairy, a princess, and snow white as a child, most of the costumes were made by my mom - often late into the night (thanks mom!) - and it was wonderful creative fun.  And so that's what I want for my boys.  We've certainly enjoyed some halloween fun this year, from a Halloween literary tea to some planned trick-or-treating (there aren't many houses  that welcome trick-or-treaters here) and a party at the botanic gardens.

The boys costumes are old trousers and wool felt made into dinosaur capes.  I was a little concerned as I knew Jonah had something a little more grand in mind (think full costume and mask), but there are so many projects that need done right now and making a dino costume wasn't overly exciting to me.  But after asking where the arms and legs were, he soon adjusted to the cape idea - because who doesn't love wearing a cape?  The promise of face paint helped quite a bit too. 

And, you may recognize some of the artwork below from last year.  I'm attempting to keep things simple (not a gift of mine in general) and organized (also a bit of a struggle), but a new bag for some favorite Halloween books helps with organization - right?

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Margaret said...

I just said basically the same thing on my blog about Halloween as a child. I was also Laura Ingalls one year, and I think we were also both dutch girls! How fun! Our momma's must have been tired!