Thursday, April 28

A Katie Apple Tree and a Williams Pear Tree

A mum at Jonah's swim lessons invited us to the garden club's Royal Wedding celebration at the Botanic gardens Tuesday.  The bagpiper was wonderful and the children followed him through the gardens to the spot in the orchard where they were planting a Katie Apple Tree and a Williams Pear Tree in honor of the Wedding tomorrow.  It was lovely and both the boys enjoyed playing in the dirt.

There is nothing like a royal wedding - there is no school or work for most tomorrow.  The old ladies on the bus are gushing over Kate and Wills as if they were their own grandchildren marrying.  The shop windows are filled with signs, Kate and Wills paperdolls, framed photos, plates and tins with the couples picture, and I even spotted a book "Knit your own Royal Wedding". 

We have tickets to a huge celebration in town in honor of the event tomorrow morning and I'm delighting in this slice of british culture that I never would have grasped without participating in it.