Wednesday, March 23

Right now I'm...

:: Hoping the baby sleeps through the night after a rough afternoon of being sick.   

:: Recognizing the fruit of the Spirit for Jonah when he shows them and then, letting him add a grape to this magnetic puzzle on the fridge (made from a sheet of magnet printer paper, a sharpie, and beeswax crayons).  I'm cautious of overly 'rewarding' good behavior (though potty training definitely defied this general rule!), but it has been really helpful to name the fruits of the Spirit through our day and Jonah is loving it.  And, this exercise has made me ask some good questions like "when do we show faithfulness in our days?" and "is Mum showing Joy in the midst of sick-days?" 

 :: Remembering Rowan's "TRACK - TOR!" this morning when he spotted a green machine at the botanic gardens.  He chased the tractor around the pond, where it stopped and he was offered a chance to sit in the tractor... "Track-tor, Track-tor, TRACK-TOR" was his cry!

:: Making Jonah lenten mazes.  A simple way to mark this time.

:: Enjoying spring, fresh foods and everything green.  It is light till seven now, which feels like such an accomplishment and the sun is shining some days.  I even picked up a pack of seeds at the store today (we are moving in June, so we aren't planting much of a garden this summer, but the spring weather demands a few seeds!)

:: Rejoicing that not only did I hang clothes up to dry outside today, but for the first time this year they were fully dry before dinner!


Jenny said...

I can't tell you how many times I have read your blog and seen that you are doing the same thing we are! Today is such an example. I too don't like to "reward" correct behavior and just recently, I was at a loss of how to correct my children in a way that felt right to me. I took a long hot shower to think it out and God put the fruits of the spirit on my heart. How simple! I don't know why I didn't think of it before! I've had a plan to make the fruits of the spirit a visual part of our every day lives and I'll let you know when I finish it up and blog about it. Since that revelation, I too have been asking myself if I'm practicing the fruits of the spirit. I'm excited to do it for ALL of us. :)

Watkins said...

I'll look forward to hearing what you are up to. I think with this I realized that because I'm so reluctant to 'reward' good behavior, that it is easy to forget to even name it. Jonah has been so excited about learning the concepts of the fruit that it is then fun to put them into practice.

suewatkins said...

Who is sick?

Watkins said...

Jonah and I had mild colds at the beginning of the week and now Rowan is sick. Its nothing serious, but he's sick enough no one is getting good sleep :o( Just a GI bug with a low grade fever (though that seems to be gone now.)