Monday, February 28

The Tastes of Spain

Trying new food and drink is one of the greatest joys of travel, so I'm eager to share some favorites from Spain.  

: Sangria - pictured above is the best we had - served along the beach it had fresh peaches in it - so yummy!

: Paella - a rice dish typically with sea food in it - Amazing!

 : Palmeras - amazing with coffee and best fresh from the bakery, smothered in chocolate :o)

: Churros and Chocolate - a messy breakfast with two little boys and certainly not healthy - but a cultural experience - right?

: Limonada and Jugo de Naranja - fresh citrus is so cheap (50 cents for a kilo of oranges!).  The lemons are closer to the size of grapefruit than to the imported lemons found in the UK.  Our rented apartment has an electric citrus juicer, so sugar syrup to make lemonade was quickly stashed in the fridge.  We've made fresh lemonade by the glass all week.  And the boys love fresh orange juice!

:Tapas - tastey morsels and while they are meant as more of a snack, we've had several tapas meals this week.

:And what is this?  I have no idea.  In Jonah's words "that is the worst thing I've had in awhile!"  The top tasted like sugar, flour and egg yoke and the bottom was soggy cake.  The taste wasn't too bad, but the texture... well, one can't expect to like everything.


Storyteller said...

Mmmmmmmm! I'm a big fan of tortilla and gazpacho.

Watkins said...

That sounds yummy, well, I've still got lunch tomorrow to try it... :o)

Sylvia said...


I think the last "thing" is "tocinillo de cielo con borrachuelo". It's like an egg yolk flan with a little cake with syrup.

Have you tasted "migas"? Is is a bread dish and in my house we love it!

Buenas vacacione!!
Good holidays!

Watkins said...

Thanks, that sounds right. The woman working at the bakery told me what it was called, but by the time I walked outside I forgot - my Spanish isn't that great.

JEMAS said...