Thursday, February 24

Great Joy!

Blue Skies, Vitamin D and SUN! 

We went south to the coast today and found a beach and some yummy Spanish food (more on that in a later post.)  Again, our acclimatization to a colder climate was in our favor.  It was a bit too cold to fully swim, but we all splashed in the waves and played in the sand for a couple hours and the beach was pretty much empty.  For those of you who haven't been going without blue skies for the past six months, I can't express the joy at playing in the water, seeing the boys legs free to the sun and wind (with a good slathering of sunscreen - of course), and feeling the sun on my skin (nothing but my face has felt the elements for months). 

Sunlight is remarkable.

Such Great Joy!

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alison said...

Looks wonderful! I can totally relate - I haven't seen the sun here since last Friday, and today doesn't look promising, either. Keep posting those photos of sun and sand! :)