Thursday, February 10


So, we've been studying Egypt this week and while playing tomb robbers (at mummy Finn's tomb) was the biggest hit, there have been lots of fun times...
we wrapped fancy buttons and craft jewels in Mummy Finn's linen to be his treasure

 made lego and cardboard pyramids for a little Egypt display
and created a Senet game and came up with some rules.


Jenny said...

Absolutely wonderful! Man I love his Waldorf doll. I'd really like to buy or make my kids one some day. Did you make his?

Watkins said...

Finn, Jonah's waldorf doll is a custom bumboletta doll - the website is Now you have to auction to get the dolls though, which is very different than when we bought Finn.

I highly recommend trying to make the dolls - you have the sewing skills and I like that I made Rowan's doll.