Tuesday, February 15

Ebb and Flow

 A friend shared the thought that life isn't about finding balance, but about working with the ebb and flow.  I find this much more helpful as I don't find much balance in life with two small boys.  For that matter, life in general seems to work in waves.  For instance, I love the idea of having a guest night once or twice a week, but somehow it never works out that way.  In the last six days we've hosted five meals/events in our home; the week before we had no guests.  I certainly did not set out to do a marathon of cooking, but events are planned around multiple schedules, Birthdays happen and (multiple sets of) friends come in from out of town; so I run with it.

But, now we've had our flow and I'm ready for the ebb; it is time to settle down with a couple days of low key playdates and lots of snuggling in with good books.

And here's a wee bit of what I've been doing the past few days... 

(My Mom's homemade bread, Winning Hearts and Minds Chocolate Cake from The Homemade Life, and 'Brian's Mom's Chocolate Cake' - which was Jim's birthday cake)

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EricaG said...

Oh my! I need a bite. And yes, balance is hard, ebb and flow is doable. I like that!