Saturday, January 15

The New Year in My Kitchen

In these so often indoor winter days there has been a lot coming out of our kitchen.  Here are a few recent favorites.

:The oat biscuits from Apples for Jam (I'm really loving this cookbook!)  Daddy decided to top his with Dalfour jam (a french juice sweetened jam that is amazing and the only sugar free and whole foods option I can find here - and while it is expensive it is cheaper than making my own since I don't have any berry bushes).  

: The chocolate chip and crystalized ginger banana bread from A Homemade Life; this is the first time I made it, but it certainly won't be the last.

: Lots of soups - Pictured is Ed Fretwell Soup from A Homemade Life, which is a favorite and makes a huge amount, so we can host with it and then have left overs for a couple days - brilliant!

: Shells, several soft grey pitchers and vases, and some bare sticks are on my windowsill above the sink -  Wintry tones that remind me of the grey of the sea and make me feel so peaceful right now

What's in your kitchen?
Yep, that's a shiner.  Rowan is walking all over this week and taking quite a few tumbles.  He hit the side of his face (about an inch from the eye) and only cried briefly, but it has turned into a beautiful black eye - poor sweet baby!

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