Wednesday, December 8

Handmade Holiday - in pieces

Ambitious plans for homemade projects this year have been reduced to one gift from each Jim and I for each boy and a few things to go in stockings.

Most of the last week I've been stealing minutes to work on Rowan's Doll.  I've been using the book Making Waldorf Dolls and have appreciated having Finn, Jonah's Bamboletta Doll (on right below) to use as a guide.  I'm afraid my head isn't quite as stiff, but overall, so far, I'm rather happy with this little guy.  I've never used real wool to stuff something and it is amazing - so firm, but soft.  I don't think I'll ever go back to bamboo or cotton (though cotton is pretty nice if you can find it). 

Hopefully I can share a photo of the completed doll soon and you can all give me name suggestions.  I've been thinking of Huckle or Sawyer to go with Finn... but now I'm not so sure.

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