Monday, November 1

Thanks Giving: The Mountain Buggy

Day 1 - A November Discipline of giving thanks each day.

When I decided to take on the discipline of photographing something that I am thankful for each day of November, our stroller was the first thing that came to mind.  Okay, so I know that might seem strange, but we often tease that the stroller is our car.  Or at other times I've been known to call it and myself a pack mule (see photo below!).  When you have no car and live 1.4 miles from town and .7 miles from the grocery store, your buggy carries a lot more than just a baby.  When taking recycling to the recycling point we often wonder if people think we are a homeless family.   It may seem a little crazy, but I find great satisfaction in the fact that I move my family and our needs where we need to go... no fossil fuels here!

One Scooter, Two Boys, Three Bags of Groceries, One Pumpkin, One large package of TP, One Rain Cover, One stick found along the way, One Book... and One tired Mama.  But, this isn't an unusual sight.  And did I mention that I sometimes take the stroller and no kids to the store; I fill it up and come home (yes, I get some strange looks, but hey, it works!)

It is a great stroller and the one baby gift we have used everyday for over four years.  I could give you a full sales spiel, but I'll just tell you it is an Urban Mountain Buggy and if you are in the market for a stroller, I highly recommend it.


EricaG said...

This post made me smile! Now that is one super stroller :)

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Hello, I just popped over from Plain and Joyful Living. I wanted to say that I've enjoyed browsing your sweet blog. But I especially love that you go carless! We did that for years. Almost 7 years to be exact. Our stroller also got one heck of a workout during that time. Mama too!