Tuesday, October 12

In the Heart of Autumn

I love crunching leaves, crisp air and bursting autumn colors. I don't love the shrinking days (I believe we are loosing 6 minutes of daylight each day) or the cold rain. But, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing; and I'm organizing the winter wear and getting us ready to battle the cold wet of a Scottish fall and winter. We are beginning to find a rhythm for these fall days (more on that soon) and finding some projects, books and beauty in this (my favorite) season.
The fall gnomes were inspired by these by wabi-sabi wanderings. And the book is "Autumn" by Gerda Muller - this series (one book for each season) are such gentle wordless books celebrating the ordinary seasonal experiences of a child.


Annemarie said...

Just LOOK at those beautiful leaves . . . I love living in the Seattle area, but we don't have the kind of fall colors that other places do. Enjoy them!

Watkins said...

They are beautiful, but those are the best around here. It is nothing like Pennsylvania where I grew up. It is a bit more colorful than Seattle though and I love that. I'll try to focus on the color and not how early dark is coming.