Friday, September 3

The Wonderful World of OZ!

Thanks to the free downloads of all 14 of Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz stories, Jonah is in a full on Wizard of Oz craze! We are all enjoying the intensely imaginative books.
After having heard the original book, all three of us were disappointed by the movie. Jim found the movie at the University library and brought it home last week. Jonah, who loves watching films surprised us with being very critical of the film... "Why did they add that? Why did they take the second witch out? Where were the hammerheads and china-land?" Did you know that the whole running away and dream are the movie's creation? I had never read the book when I watched the film as a child and was unimpressed with the story. Why am I so surprised, are not books always better than the movie?

As we listen to audio books over the past couple weeks, Jonah and I have been painting, building, gluing and drawing to create our own oz. And our oz is even visited by planes, trains and cars.

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