Saturday, September 11

Making our own Fun

The week in review:

In my kitchen: emerald city green pancakes for dinner shaped like dinosaurs, a greek fennel skillet, blueberry muffins, our first tomatoes from our plants, daddy's homemade pizza and very possibly my favorite cookie of all time - ginger chocolate chip!

In our mailbox: care packages from the grandmothers!

With the baby: a whole lot of peek-a-boo and even more riding on the rocking horse. And did I mention he slept 12 hours straight last night!!!!

With the big boy: fingerprint drawing, new natural dyed playdough, Little House on the Prairie picture books, collage, color by numbers (yes, he is into coloring!) and lots of imaginary adventures through Oz on Hallowed hill.
The recipe for this playdough is here. We used greens, tummeric, strawberries, coffee and carrots. The greens and carrot were Jonah's idea and, as they aren't dye, they didn't work very well. The coffee was my idea and I used a 1/2 cup of very strong coffee in the basic recipe (it even smells like coffee)

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