Wednesday, September 1

In My Kitchen

When Jim and I were married I thought of myself as a good baker, but I knew that I had a lot to learn in cooking. I knew how to make some meals, but so much was based around meat, which we now rarely eat. I still would not call myself a great cook (oh you should see the messes I make sometimes!), but I am getting better at finding new recipes and knowing what we will like. Reading some food writing and cookbooks has helped quite a bit and the kitchen has been my most consistent class room these past two years since I finished seminary.

I love the kitchen. It is the heart of the home. It is where Jim and I chat over dishes, where I knead bread while telling stories, and where I entertain baby on the floor while making him pureed veggies. Maybe this is why my very favorite posts on others blogs are often on the happenings in their kitchen. We eat (and thus, I cook) every day and so, new inspiration and ideas are always welcome. So here my friends are some favorites from our kitchen these past couple weeks.

We have found our perfect pancake. Somewhere between the classic american fluffy pancake and the European crepe. The recipe is here (I only use one cup buttermilk as that is the largest package our grocer carries, one cup whole milk + 1 tsp cider vinegar and one cup regular milk instead of the three cups buttermilk.)
I have made several different nut burgers this summer, but the Moosewood Cookbook comes through again and the Lentil-Walnut burgers are amazing. And I tried making homemade potato chips - they were a bit of an indulgence, but so worth it!
These are the Date Cinnamon Rolls from Feeding the Whole Family. They are yummy soft rolls, but seeing as I only make cinnamon rolls a few times a year... I'll just use my sugar. The sour cream and honey icing really didn't cut it, so I made a powdered sugar and cinnamon glaze. They are sugar-free with whole grain flour though, and Jonah loves them without icing as a snack. The ingredients are also expensive, though you would have thought I gave Jonah a whole chocolate cake when I told him he could have a glass of apple juice from the carton I opened to make the rolls - that reaction alone was worth the extra couple pounds.
Ah, and this is Jim and my classic, "lets hang out after the kids are in bed" snack. Melt Chocolate, add milk, and dip whatever you can find!

What's coming out of your kitchen?


Anonymous said...

i will be trying that lentil walnut burger pronto!

EricaG said...

A beautiful post, Emily. Those cinnamon rolls are killing me!

alison said...

We also tried home-made potato chips this summer, & they were incredibly tasty! Who knew there was another use for potatoes? ;) The lentil walnut burger looks amazing!