Sunday, August 29

Time with Daddy

There are some down sides of being in a post-grad program (i.e. we are paying for Jim to work and not the other way round). But, there are some real pluses too, like setting our own schedule.

The boys are up early, which means we need to have dinner by five, tidy and then start the bed-time routine. So Jim goes in a bit earlier and comes home at four-ish so I can get dinner together. I know this is possible to cook with children under-foot, but this is always the worst hour in our house as everyone is tired and hungry, so adding Daddy's new energy is wonderful and eliminates a lot of hairy behavior. And, did I mention, that I love my time alone in the kitchen after a day full of naps, games, reading, fixing snacks... Cooking is a creative outlet and cooking whole foods is an important way I care for all three of my boys.

Often in their time with Daddy there is wrestling, baseball (which involves lots of running around the house), hide-and-seek or chase. But sometimes on a quiet or rainy day I find this and it is precious.

(The books in they are reading are Mr. Poppers Penguins, which is a favorite around here - so funny, and Charlie Harper's ABCs - the illlustrations in this are fabulous and Rowan had been spending a lot of time with it the last few days.)

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Hi Emily,
Such sweet photos.
Sorry about the last minute question - but I would love to include a link to your last year's handmade holiday post through the picture of your then little one sleeping with the owl... in today's post at Plain and Joyful Living.
Would that be ok?
Warm wishes, Tonya