Monday, August 23

Our Town: The Botanic Gardens

This is the beginning of a new set of posts, capturing and celebrating this wonderful place we call home right now. A friend emailed recently saying how much they miss St Andrews now that they have moved on; and, as Jim and I have been laying out the year with a hope of finishing by summer, I want to savor this place and document our favorite places for future reminiscing.
I will begin with a place I have pictured in the blog before here and here. We have a family membership to the botanic gardens and it is one of our favorite outings. They are incredibly impressive gardens for such a small town and a great educational resource. Jonah loves looking for the flower of the month and exploring the paths, greenhouses and rock gardens. It is a wonderful place for sketching, picnicking and meeting friends. I have a feeling that there will be future posts from the gardens, but consider this your formal introduction.

We tend to begin our trip in the green houses. There are many rooms - the orchid room, tropical, medditeranian, the growing and experiment room, the alpine room, the dessert room (below) and the fernery (also below).
The fernery is my favorite part of the green house. It has high ceilings, moving water, a fish pond and insectivorous plants (which are quite possibly Jonah's favorite part of the gardens - we never leave without visiting the pitcher plant and venus fly trap.)

Outside the gardens are expansive having wooded areas as well as a pond and traditional gardens. Jonah loves the rock garden paths and he likes going up them while I take the stroller up the main path nearby. He enjoys having his own little adventure.
We love that this spot is only a few blocks away and spend quite a bit of time wondering and soaking in moments of beauty.

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