Tuesday, August 3

Bread Bag

We are forever on a quest to live in a way that is gentler to creation. One of the primary goals I have around the home right now is to eliminate as much plastic as possible - especially from the kitchen. (see one article here on why plastic is harmful to the environment and sometimes our health.) We certainly have a ways to go, but this was one little effort that came off the sunporch this week.
I have seen similar bags on several blogs I follow (can't remember where exactly) and had in my mind that I wanted to use linen and cotton. The outside of this bag is a repurposed linen shirt (thus the buttons); the inside is some vintage fabric from the remnant shop near my parent's home. I'm quite happy with it and may need to make a second one as my basic bread recipe makes two loaves (the fermented whole grain loaves from the book "Feeding the Whole Family"). I can honestly say that the bread has stayed fresh without a plastic covering and it is so much more aesthetically pleasing. It was also a great sewing break from the big project of the summer (the quilt top is done, but now for the back and binding...)

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