Saturday, August 7

Baby's Milestones: On the Go and On His Feet

It is official; he's crawling. He isn't too fast yet, but he went the length of the living room and he was so so happy!

And his second new trick: standing up holding onto something.
Honestly I don't think we've tried this much with him and today he managed to get up on the chair and he was quite sturdy and pleased with himself. But yes, that is Daddy holding onto him because sometimes he gets distracted/excited and forgets to hold on...

Oh, and did I mention that tooth number 7 just popped through and number 8 is about to make its entrance. 5 teeth in two weeks - we're all needing a little sleep! Any suggestions on helping a teething babe?


Annemarie said...

Oh the joys of learning to be mobile. Of course now you can't just leave him in the middle of the room and trust that he'll stay put. But what a fun step in his independence. Thanks for the sweet pictures.

Margaret said...

Clove oil is supposed to work. Just rub a little on the gums. I have some you are welcome to use!