Tuesday, July 20

Welsh Berries

After our adventure to Hadrian's wall our trip got slightly more complicated. We drove to manchester and I dropped Jim at a train station as he was headed to Oxford for a conference. The boys and I spent a night at a travel lodge (and I can tell you if I was a single parent we wouldn't be traveling very often) and then picked up my parents from the Manchester Airport the next morning. We spent that afternoon in Chester and then made our way to Wales.

The next couple days were full of windy narrow roads, so many roundabouts, and a lot of poorly labeled Welsh roads (even when they were labeled it was hard to keep the welsh names in my head as they were difficult to pronounce). But, I successfully (though not always on the first try) drove us down the east of Wales to the south and back up north along the western coast. And those of you who know my dislike of driving know that this was a bit of an accomplishment... and I don't even mind roundabouts all that much - they are fun in an odd sort of way.

There was a lot more driving involved than Google maps let on (though I can't blame the maps for my mistakes, the estimates were pretty off despite the missed turns).

I don't have many pictures from these first days as I was behind the wheel so much; but, amidst the driving, we found a self-pick berry farm and spent a wonderful afternoon exploring, tasting, and picking. It was the perfect break from the road and so tasty!

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