Thursday, July 22

More on Wales

Thanks for bearing with the vacation synopsis. I don't tend to think a vacation synopsis is very interesting for those who weren't on the trip; but as this blog has many purposes, including documenting our family's life at home and afar, I have several more days of Wales photos to put up here and I hope you find something to interest you along the way.

After our adventure down south, we stayed in a 14th century cottage on an organic sheep farm... pretty much my dream life (click here if you want to see the cottage itself - I didn't take any photos).

Rowan loved the sheep. Oh, how he would giggle to see them run!
We spent a fair amount of time with this kite... but it wasn't very successful, but we did get it to soar a couple times.
Past the sheep fields were the sand dunes, which led to the beach. The coast was beautiful and there was so much to discover in the dunes, but I'll write more on that tomorrow.

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alison said...

Looks fantastic! That's pretty much my dream life, too. :)