Friday, July 30

Baby's Milestones: An Update on our Wee Man

Well, the family is all emailing, calling and otherwise informing me that they need more info on our family's littlest member. And he, like all babies, is changing daily, adding new skills, and generally bringing much joy to those around him; so, an update is in order. He is 9 1/2 months old right now and continues to be a jolly boy who laughs easily and loves making new friends.
Obviously I can't be sure, but I'd bet quite a bit of money that this little man is an Impulsive Extrovert (Meyers-Briggs E and P!) like Mum. But, he looks a lot like Daddy's baby pictures.

Seeing the diapers hanging behind him above... We've done EC (Elimination Communication) and we rarely have dirty diapers as he signals when he needs to use the toilet that way. I have lots of thoughts on EC (both positive and negative) and am happy to talk/email about it if anyone has questions, but I'll spare you anymore detail here.

He has added three teeth in the past week. And while we've had some rocky bedtimes the last couple days we now have six teeth total to show for it.

He still has a monthly play-date with up to five other babes born this past fall and winter. This month we were at the botanic gardens, a place we've been hanging out a lot - 3 times this week.
Rowan is trying lots of new foods and loves feeding himself. He eats about as much as we will give him. He has just slowed down on his milk intake (meaning we are down to 5 feedings with Mum and 3-4 bottles a day). He also does three full meals and two snacks - not to mention a rice cake or two through the day.

And this child still loves to jump. He loves the jolly jumper, but will also jump for as long as you will help him balance. (above he is at the botanic gardens open day bouncing to an accordion band!) He also loves to dance and will dance to get us to sing.

Yep, and we are on the move. He is scooting and doing the crawling motion, though not more than a couple feet at a time. I fully expect to be chasing after this boy in a couple weeks. He does want to move after Jonah!

Just yesterday he started saying brrr-brrr when he sees toy cars. Jonah is delighted that Rowan is 'talking' and brings him cars often to hear Rowan make their sound (though he doesn't always oblige). Rowan is also getting much more interested in books - he particularly loves Maisy books by Lucy Cousins, feel the art books and A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa by Jonathan London (this was Jonah's favorite at this age too).

Oh how I love my jolly, jolly boy!

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