Thursday, March 25


I think that sometimes it is easier to give something up as one's lenten discipline, than to take something on. It is easy to not eat chocolate when offered it (well, at least it is easy to remember you aren't supposed to eat it). But, I find remembering to do something new much more difficult. So many of the times I have practiced being still over lent have involved a sleepy nursing babe. It is slowing to have a babe need you to sit or lay every three hours and it is so sweet to share in his sleepy stillness.

Today is a day that shouts of being still. After a week of sunshine and celebrating spring's arrival it is cold, dreary and all I want to do is be still. Right now my babe is sleeping, my boy is enjoying video day, Daddy is working late and I just spent some still moments staring out at the rain.
And at the end of my still, somewhat somber moment, my eyes fell on this reminder of spring - a gift from a dear friend, which makes the flowers all the sweeter. It made me remember that Spring will come and the dreary cold days will pass. It was such an appropriate moment for lent, for after all, we are waiting for the resurrection - for God's great rescue - this is a time of waiting and a time of hope.

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