Friday, March 19

Sick Day

Well, we've gotten the nasty bug going around. Daddy is still well, but the rest of us are sniffling and coughing. But I'm keeping entertained.

Jonah: Rowan, today is a brand new day. New things will be happening!!! (said with much gusto)
Mama: Jonah, we've gotten out of the habit of making our beds in the morning. Maybe we could make a chart to remind us and then once we are back in the habit we could go have ice-cream to celebrate (Jonah has been asking to get ice cream daily)

Jonah: Okay, as long as it is a short chart - how about one day?

Jonah: I'm hungry, I eat, I pee, I'm hungry, I eat, I pee... thats they way it goes. Right now I'm hungry.


And it's only 8:30 in the morning.

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