Thursday, November 12

Night Walk

I suppose it isn't customary to call a walk at 4:30 a night walk, but it was dark and felt like a night walk. Jim walked in the door yesterday after a full day at work (yes, I woke up with the boys at 6:30 feeling rested as Rowan isn't supplementing all night now, which makes my nights much more sleep filled) and I requested a walk - on my own. So off I went to the store, no children in tow, no questions to answer, no stroller to push... ahh!

I found myself grabbing the camera as I left, doubtful that our little camera would capture much in the quickly coming dark. I think the quick gratification of setting up a good photo, snapping, and having something to show for it is just the kind of creativity I need right now as sitting down to sew isn't happening very often. I'm hoping that soon a SLR will make photo taking even a little more fun...

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