Thursday, November 19

Nature Table in Fall

Fall is my favorite season and it is definitely my favorite time on the nature table. Gords, leaves, acorns, other seed shells and an assortment of brown grass and sticks that Jonah delights in collecting. And our newest addition are three little needle felted owls (only two in the picture). I am thoroughly enjoying this new craft form and a robin and snowman have already followed my little owls (I'll be sure to post these sometime). The owls are from a kit from Fancy Tiger's (a store in Denver, CO) etsy shop. I bought the kit last year with birthday money and promptly broke the felting needle, which I just got around to repurchasing. Jim upon seeing them ask me "Why?" so I've been thinking about the why of them. They are cute, and are a bit of playing with a piece of nature to remember another favorite bit of nature (I do love birds!). They are a reminder that in the midst of this transition to two children I can still create something and that means so much... so much!

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