Wednesday, November 4

Big Outing: Edinburgh

I would never have tried taking both boys down to Edinburgh right now, but Rowan's birth had to be registered at the US consulate so that we can get a passport before we head to the states (Dec 15th). So after putting together every date we've ever been out of the United States, having transcripts shipped (to prove we lived in the US), doing three separate applications, gathering a marriage license, birth certificates, passports (old and new), making an appointment, taking a passport photo of an awake baby (trickier than you might imagine)... we headed down to Edinburgh yesterday. It went surprisingly well. We even managed a quick visit to one of our family's favorite spots, The National Gallery! It made me feel a little more normal to know that we can pull off a day outing with both boys.

After an hour or more (I lost all track of time) in the far-to-small waiting room at the consulate we decided that a nice lunch out before catching our train back to St. Andrews was just what we needed. Jonah wasn't so sure, but when he saw that the children's meals were followed with ice cream he was sold.

One of our many attempts at getting a passport photo of Rowan :o)

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