Wednesday, September 16

What we've been up to...

I had a cold over the weekend and still had plenty to do with beginning the godly play curriculum at church and a couple parties to attend, so we cancelled school on monday and laid low for a couple days.  But we've still been busy in our own way.

There's have been some new friends...
Meet Taurus.  "I love him so much Mum!"  Some friends just passed this rocking horse onto us and he is well loved!  His stable is on the sun porch and he goes there for naps and night time, but when he is awake he must be in the center of the living room (unless he has to go on an adventure outside).  Jonah reads to him, decorates him, and rides him to look for treasure.  Their treasure is mostly a box of imaginary new books - that Jonah exclaims over and then 'reads' to Taurus.

Jonah's other new friends are a friendly monster, ghost, seal, penguin, giraffe and rhino who are living with us for 10 weeks.  They sleep in mum and dad's bed and have very specific eating preferences.  But, they are great playmates and like trains, so I suppose I can share with them.

Some learning...
There have been some moments that remind me why we are thinking of continuing homeschooling.  Jonah has been asking to do french lessons (Rosetta Stone on the computer) every day and is doing very well at them.  He's been doing puzzles, exploring books and asking about new words and concepts - oh it is fun!  
Jonah's even been crawling on my lap at the sewing machine and managing
 the backstitch and presser foot while I sew and he loves clipping all my threads with my nippers (which he calls his scissors - "there just my size mum!")
Exploring Mum and Dad's games is fun and Carcason is a great puzzle and then he designates houses for all the little people.

Some playing...

 Jonah could live inside all the time I think.  Oh, that probably isn't true - he does love his bike and will ask to go ride it.  But, he is quite content to play with trains and read books (with or without me) inside all day.  So, I'm forever pushing him out the door.  He loves it once he is outside, it is just getting him there that is the problem.  So we decided Monday to just move his whole train set out and he was out for the day.

Yesterday we read every board book we own on a blanket in the back yard.  

Some getting ready for baby...
A burp cloth here and a washcloth there...  Here's a stack of burp clothes, it was fun to chose some different prints for these.  I should probably make another batch or two as we had at least a dozen with Jonah and I remember always scrambling for them, but I've lost interest in making them.  And here is the baby kimono that I've been wanting to make from Amy Butler's book "Stitches for little ones".  I love this fabric.  I don't know where my Mom found it, it seems so vintage and is so sweet. 
I've done four loads of baby laundry and it is ever so fun to see the tiny things on the line.  Now, I just need to find places to put them and to finish up other details (like packing our bags - we're only a few days till term)

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