Monday, September 28

Last Midwife Appointment

The health system here is laid back to say the least. I had an appointment at 35 weeks and then today at 39 weeks. I won't see the midwife again. I do have an appointment on the 14th of October at the hospital to schedule an induction if I haven't delivered yet - heaven forbid! I think with my first it would have been difficult going through such a hands-off process, but they see it all as healthy and natural, so as long as nothing is going on the appointments remain a month apart after 20 weeks (there is just one scan before 20 weeks).

This morning I treasured hearing the little guy's heart beat. He's in position ready to go. I can't wait to hear him cry. We have five days to go till the due date. Jonah was two days after his date, so the midwife predicts this little one will be right about on time - give or take a couple days.

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Lynn said...

Looking forward to welcoming your little one from across the seas!