Thursday, September 10

Getting Ready for Baby

I did our first loads of baby laundry to get ready for little brother.  Oh, it was so fun!  
Originally I thought that it wouldn't be as much fun this time as we don't have many new things yet, but it was so much more fun than last time.  As I hung the wee things I couldn't help but remember another little guy who wore these same little outfits.

So here's a walk down memory lane.  Do you remember his Mohawk?  Can you believe that Jonah was really that little?

You can find these outfits on the line above if you look.  I just brought them in and folded them - ready for little brother.

I think this was my favorite outfit from Jonah's baby days.  So soft and sweet.  I also just put these little shoes out in the boys closet - so precious!

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