Saturday, September 5

Flat from the Farmers Market

After a summer of travel all over Europe with no stroller glitches a shard of glass punctured our tire on the way from home from the farmers market today.  Luckily we had a spare tube in the stroller so we were a road side work crew - which was very exciting to Jonah.  

There have been so many moments we are so grateful for our stroller.  It is now our car.  We load it with groceries - with or without a child inside.  I can't even begin to think the miles we've put on it, but considering it is 3 miles round trip to town now and I go in at least several times a week there adding on fast.   We had to change the tires before our Europe trip as they were balding from so much use.  We're about to get a kiddie board for the back so that we can push two kids at once in it... good thing it has a lifetime warranty on the frame!

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